Inspiration Strikes

Confession time…

I’ve been hiding from TSTTW. Sure I’ve been diligently editing The Curse of the Radcliffe Rubies (TCOTRR) for a contest and my upcoming conferences. But I’ve also been ducking out on TSTTW. I have the entire story outlined, but I couldn’t for the life of me get to the next scene in the book.

I was half way through drafting chapter 2 of TSTTW. And I stayed there for like 6 weeks. Writer’s block? Kinda. I mean I could edit and revamp TCOTRR but actually drafting a brand new scene wasn’t happening. So I forged ahead on TCOTRR, confident that inspiration would strike on TSTTW. Worrying never helps and just frustrates the process more. But, in the back of my head I kept thinking, Oh my god what if I never get back to TSTTW?!

Then this morning, I’m in the shower and BAM! No, I didn’t slip and crack my head open. The words started swirling in my head and the characters started talking and suddenly I had the bridge scene. The more I thought about it, the more it filled itself out. Like the scene had always been there and now I was getting a glimpse of it. I contemplated being late to work to write a draft, but thought better of it. I jotted down some notes and decided to mull it over during the day and draft it tonight.

And yes, this is the gazillionth time inspiration struck in the bathroom.

How  and where does inspiration strike you?

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10 Responses to Inspiration Strikes

  1. Gerard says:

    Much of the time my inspiration comes when I’m driving. If I’m in the middle of a project at work, new ideas will come to me when I’m on the road, and I’ll write them down if traffic permits, or even call my office and leave my self a voice mail message. The shower works as well. I guess we take inspiration wherever we can find it. Recently, a songwriter friend of mine saw a local folk singer performing a nice original song in a NYC coffee house, and the song inspired him to write a really nice piece, totally unrelated to the song he had heard, but it had stirred a nice play on words that developed into some real nice lyrics.

    • Sometimes I hear snippets of conversation and they evolve into a short story idea. I jot them down, promising when the well runs dry (creatively speaking), I’ll get to writing them. 🙂 I think we underestimate how important down time is for the mind. It’s when we let it rest that the best ideas come to us. 🙂 Very true–about taking inspiration wherever we can in life. How cool for your friend that hearing someone else performing got the wheels of creativity turning for him!

  2. berry says:

    Working out. Lots of time to think.

  3. berry says:

    Sorry for the brevity of my comment. Had a meeting to go to. Yes. I think moments come to you at the strangest times, some where we least expect. I have strained my brains for hours and then puff, the answer is crystal clear. Like an enlightment.

    Glad the book is moving along.

    • No worries, glad to hear from you. 🙂 Isn’t that always the way? You think until you get a headache then you switch gears and the answer magically pops into your head. But I suppose all the time you spent thinking about it helped it along and made it easier for it to pop up. On the book–me too. I already sketched out 3-5 more scenes on saturday that I can’t wait to write.

  4. Loren Chase says:

    A lot of my inspiration, strangely enough, happens when I’m in the grocery store… I’ll see a milk carton and instantly see it on the kitchen table in a characters house and I’ll hear someone say something in the aisle and the scene continues to grow. Many times I’ll take notes while I’m out on scraps of paper if an idea hits me. If I’m at work, (I’m a guard at a gallery) I’ll write down as much as I can. And music is my number one inspiration, I have it playing most of the time. It helps me to brainstorm, but often when I write I like silence. And sometimes my guinea pig inspires me:)

    • I think when we are doing the everyday tasks it lets another part of our mind wander and play. That’s how I explain how cleaning the bathroom inspired a story anyways. (Otherwise, I’m just really quirky) 🙂 I totally understand about pets–my dog managed to work his way into one of my books! I think a definite plus of having a day job is you really appreciate inspiration and learn to grab ahold and run with it the second it hits because who knows when you’ll have time to get back to it.

  5. Emma says:

    True, inspiration strikes at the strangest times and places. For my part, I get a lot of inspiration when I’m doing household chores or when I’m out watching my son play in the backyard. Tons of things from my daily life go into my writing, but unfortunately I hardly ever have any scraps of paper to write my ideas down and that’s why I forget them. I really should change that and always have something to take notes with me; you just have to be ready when inspiration strikes–no matter where you are or what you are doing 🙂

    • Sometimes, I find myself just about to fall asleep when an idea hits. i repeat it to myself like a mantra, leap out of bed and run to my desk to write it down. I’ve lost too many good ideas thinking I’ll remember them in the morning. When I’m out in the city, I’ve even left myself voicemails so when I get home I can write it down. 🙂

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