It ain’t easy but the road there is a lot of fun

You know how you always hear about these overnight success stories and it makes you really frustrated? Oh maybe that’s just me. Anyway, when you slave over a novel for a couple years, you start to think it will never happen. That’s when this post on Bookends Blog comes in really handy. Firstly, hearing about Paige Shelton’s struggles made me feel so much more normal for having my own. Secondly, her humor comes through in her writing and makes you want to read more by her. Thirdly, her series sound pretty interesting and I am excited to check it out. So win-win-win situation. Uplifting blog, great style, and a new author to read. I went on amazon to order the book here. Can’t wait to read it.

The one great thing about being an author is all the research I have to do. Luckily, I love mysteries. Reading how others wrap up a scene or craft dialogue really helps me to figure out how to write my own. Sometimes I am in awe of how cleverly some transitions are done. I dog ear the page so I can go back and analyze how the writer got me from point a to q without me even realizing it.

On the same vein, I just finished the fifth Madelyn Alt Bewitching Mysteries book No Rest For The Wiccan and I have to say I’m really into the series. She drew me in with her characters. With each book you can see the progression they are making in their lives. It’s a fun read and very well written. Half the time I don’t even notice how good the writing is because I am so busy flipping the pages to find out what happens next.

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  1. berry says:

    Very few books have that effect on me. But for every success story there are a million failures. So keep on plugging. You can’t win if you don’t play.

    • I love to read, especially paranormal mysteries so I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I don’t think I oculd give up writing anymore than I could give up eating. I need to write. And when I take a couple days off, I go into withdrawal. ;P

  2. Gerard says:

    I have found that most so called “overnight success” stories usually involve someone who went through quite a long night before success dawned. It usually takes a long time and great effort to excel in just about any profession, and it’s even more difficult to rise to the top in the artistic fields. But as Berry said, one doesn’t get there without being in the game. So play hard and to win.

    • Thanks Gerard. My good friend is pursuing his MBA and they always tell him to find his passion and make a career out of it because that is the only way to truly be successful. You have to love what you do or else it comes through. I have my day job to sustain me and I can afford to work on my novels without being under the gun for income from my writing. I’ll stay the course. The bottom line is: I love writing.

  3. berry says:

    I just wanted to mention that some of the best works were not born overnight. Sometimes it takes years for anything to occur. Be patient. Keep at it. The more you try the better it gets. Like a fine wine, you just can’t gulp it down. Savor t

  4. Kourtney – Never give up! And, this post made my day. Thanks.
    Best of luck to you.

    Paige Shelton

  5. berry says:

    Very cool. Paige shelton. Impressive.

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