Easter Weekend

Sometimes it’s really nice to get out of the city and go visit my parents. We had a great weekend.

First night starts out with a big commotion at the neighbors. Our window is open and the dogs go crazy. I mutter about the noisy kids next door and slam the window shut. Come to find out next morning that a big black bear came up on the neighbor’s porch, climbed onto their railing to rip the bird house off the side of their house. The railing cracked under his weight and the neighbor came rushing downstairs to see a broken railing and his bird house running through the yard. (the bear totally blended into the darkness of the night). Then the neighbor’s dog runs out after the bear and disappears for a while. Don’t worry he comes back okay!  This is the second bear sighting in the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago, Dad was taking his dogs (“the goldens”) to the park and was in his car when he saw the black bear walk on by. You cannot make this stuff up.

Mom and I galavanted all over the state of CT. I’m roadtripping with OL this summer, so I also got in a good amount of time behind the wheel to practice (being that I hadn’t driven  a car since 2004). We found this super amazing rock shop in Southington called Essence of the Earth. Run by the coolest older couple I’ve ever met. They make their store an absolute delight to shop in. I ended up spending over an hour there. It sure didn’t feel like it. Then we grabbed lunch at Anna’s Diner. Great omelette.

We went to Target where I scored more Liberty of London including: a hat, scarf, dress, nightie, panties, wallet and bowls. I just love the floral prints. It’s so springy. And the prices are phenom.

We also went down to the beach in Old Saybrook. We had the GPS but she kept trying to navigate us to the nearest lake/scenic spot. Mom had to keep overriding her instructions. We made a stop at Lyman Orchards on the way and nibbled on some great strawberry shortcake. Sadly, it was high tide when we arrived at the beach so I couldn’t walk the sandbars. I did collect some rocks and shells in my Bambi bag and came across two sticks that I brought back with me. I love what crosses my path when I am at the ocean. Mom, of course, was making fun of me, asking if I wanted to take home every ginormous piece of drift wood we encountered.

She laughed her butt off when we got home and she saw how many rocks I’d collected while she walked ahead of me. 🙂 Luckily, the sun didn’t get me because I had my Liberty of London hat and scarf and my hoodie and jeans (and SPF 70 on any exposed skin). First exposure is the most dangerous when you’re my shade of pale. Anyway, I made it through without any burning.

Sunday was a ton of fun. Mom hid easter eggs (plastic ones and the ones we colored together) all over the kitchen for me to find. Emerson had a ball playing with his aunties (the goldens). All in all an awesome weekend away!

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4 Responses to Easter Weekend

  1. berry says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. Mine was not. Holidays can be like yours or not. Family can be a source of frustration. My brother and his son went at it and it was uncomfortable. I ate too much. I did not sleep and was all alone on Sunday. Maybe next year will be better.

    • Yeah, holidays with extended family can be rough. I prefer to keep it to the parents and our dogs. We all get along pretty well. 🙂 It’s terrible when family has to act out their drama on the holidays. Sorry to hear it was not a good weekend for you. Hope next Easter is much better.

  2. Emma says:

    Reading about the bear and your family triggered a nice childhood memory of mine. When I was younger my family and I used to go camping in the Smoky Mountains. It was great and I always loved to be out in the nature and, above all, to spend time with my dad who always worked hard to support the family and therefore didn’t have much time for us kids. Anyways, one time when we were driving up to the camping site traffic suddenly slowed down and almost stopped. First my dad was a little cranky because it had already been a pretty long drive and now it would take even longer. Suddenly his face lit up as he saw the reason for the slow traffic–there was a black bear mom with her cubs at the side of the road. It was the first time my brother and I saw a real-life bear and we were totally excited and stunned by this experience. I’ll never forget that, it was just great.

    Now that I have my own little family, I sometimes wish that we would go camping and spend a little quality time together, but my husband is not too much into camping and he has to work a lot. Anyways, I’ll keep trying to convince him and maybe he will finally agree to go on a camping trip one day. I’m sure he’d enjoy it though, even if it’s just for spending time with our son…

    Sorry about the rambling but your post just brought back so many good memories. 🙂

    • No need to apologize. It was a great memory–thanks for sharing! Too bad you don’t live near my parents, this black bear seems to enjoy traipsing through the neighborhood. Though with a small child, it’s probably best that you don’t. It’s hard in life to make time for the things that really matter. Most people take it as a given that they have years to do things. But time marches on and it’s really important to seize the moment with loved ones to make memories. I hope you can convince your husband to do a little getaway–maybe just a 3-4 day weekend? Those can be a nice break without the stress of work piling up while your gone.

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