Austrian Food Rocks

Saturday night, I had a delicious meal. So rewind 6 months to my trip to Austria, where I discovered the most delicious food. I thought, thank God I live in NY, I can eat Austrian food anytime when I get home. Wrong. There are only like 3-5 Austrian restaurants in NY. NY the epicenter of foodies, where there are hundreds of french bistros. But I find chef Kurt Gutenbrunner has 3 Austrian restaurants in the city. Score. For my birthday B and I went to Wallse. Amazing food, great atmosphere (perfect for a quiet dinner) and awesome service. A definite go back soon. This weekend, Z and I decided to celebrate his b day. Belatedly. So I suggest Blaue Gans another Gutenbrunner restaurant. It’s in Tribeca. OL helps me with the menu and determining what I want to eat. Thank goodness for him. I am super excited to have Austrian food because a) I love it and b) it reminds me of the best vacation I ever had in Austria.

Z orders beer. I start with a Riesling. It’s light and fruity and sweet. Puts me in a great mood. The atmosphere here is very loud brasserie but we adjust to it. At time I can’t hear Z but we just repeat ourselves. The decor is fun with high ceilings and old posters everywhere. The place has a real neighborhood feel. As soon as you walk in you feel a part of it. We end up splitting a sausage platter with horseradish and mustard. Scrumptious. Then I order the Jager Schnitzel in a bacon and mushroom sauce with rice and Z get the Wiener Schnitzel. The Jager Schnitzel is to  die for. The meat is soft and succulent. The sauce is perfect. (I love bacon and mushrooms) The rice is herbed and buttered. I never knew rice could be so tasty. We get a side of brioche dumplings and spatzle. Z loves the spatzle. I love the brioche dumplings.

I can’t help feeling happy. Good food, good friend, good times. We catch up on our lives. He advises me to invest more in the market, I explain I don’t have time to research and select investments and write novels and write the blog and work on submissions to agents and contests. I know his advice has merit, I just can’t make time up.

Then dessert time comes and I order the sacher torte and the salzburger nockerl thinking I may not like the second one but I want to try it. I’ve had the sacher torte many times and loved it. Z get the sacher torte and I have them put a candle in it for him. He is amazed that I am getting two desserts. Turns out the salzburger nockerl is to die for. It’s a souffle of sorts with a rasberry compote at the bottom. LOVED IT. The sacher torte was good but it had a hint of freezer taste to it. We both had lattes which meant after dinner I was wide awake and vacuuming at 1AM. Couldn’t get to bed until 4 AM. But completely worth it!

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  1. berry says:

    Going out for a great meal with good friends is awesome. Glad you enjoyed. Now get writing more. Good food is plentiful in NY. I have not had Austrian but it sounds yummy. I love Italian food, plenty of pasta and eggplant. But I may try Austrian now that I read your blog.

    • Austrian is really hearty comfort food. it just makes me smile to eat it. Italian is great too. But Austrian holds a special place in my heart. I am writing everyday. 🙂 Mostly focused on revising The Curse of the Radcliffe Rubies right now because I am submitting it to a contest at the end of April. But I will pick up on the other story soon.

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?