Elevator Wackos Take 2

Two weekends ago, this random stranger gets in the elevator with me and exchanges a few words about the weather. We never introduce ourselves, but that doesn’t stop him from telling me that I’d get along great with his friend James, who likes to party a lot. Then he asks if I party. I reply No, I’m too old. This should be a conversation ender.

But no, he keeps going, saying how I should come and meet James. Again, my spidey senses are going off and visions of a Lifetime movie flash through my head. How could a total stranger know what or who I’d like? It makes me very edgy. The doors open on his floor and he’s like you should come meet James. I was like no I have to get home.

What type of crazy are they renting to in my building?  What guy asks a girl he doesn’t know back to their apartment to meet his “friend” and then acts like she’s weird when she says no? At this point, I’m thinking of taking the stairs for a while.

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4 Responses to Elevator Wackos Take 2

  1. Gerard says:

    There are a lot of strange people out there, most are fine, some are scary and dangerous. I try to err on the side of caution and assume that they could be a problem and act with that in mind. Sounds like “James” could have been Hannibal Lecter looking for a snack. Might be time for a new building.

  2. Emily says:

    Maybe security in you apartment building should sponsor a “wacko free” zone. But that might cause the emptying of most of the building! Go with the IPod, or maybe a taser hanging from your purse. Good luck! I seem to run into the same types.

    • Then it would probably be me and a handful of people left. 🙂 Yup, the Ipod seems to be a good conversation preventer. Sadly a taser is illegal to own or use in the city. Gotta love how only the criminals can arm themselves. One of my friends has the same problem. The crazies seek her out like a moth to a flame. Best of luck to you too!

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