The bad day take 2

Friday I wake up with the beginnings of a migraine. I decide to wait until it festers before I take my medication because the medication makes me nauseous, dizzy and spacy. So I take a short nap and head to the office. It ends up being a crazy busy Friday chock full of meetings. I reach for my migraine pills at 11AM, only to find I took the last one in my bag and there are none left. Screwed. Somehow, I have to get through until 4 PM (when my meetings end). I remember that caffeine can help so I end up downing 3 cups of coffee. Great. Now I’m shaky and nervous and I have a migraine. Though I am still functional despite the floaters and sparklers in my vision. For me, the aura goes on throughout the migraine. Not just in the beginning. Nope. Oh and it feels like someone is sticking needles in my eyes all day long. Of course, my meetings go to 5 PM, at which point the dizziness and nausea are so bad I am certain I will throw up or pass out if I don’t lay down soon. But I need to get home to the migraine medication so I brave the subway.

I get home and immediately take my medication and lay down for an hour. The migraine passes and leaves me with horrible nausea. On the upside, I don’t feel like I’m having a stroke anymore. So that’s good. I had on my to do list to get a new cell phone at Verizon. The store is 4 blocks from my house but it is only open Monday-Friday. So against my better judgement, I decide to walk over. This should be easy. I did my online research. I want the Droid with the keyboard. I just want to go in buy it and have it set up and then bring it home and figure out how to use it. I’m due for an upgrade. I should be the dream customer. I know what I want and I have the money to pay for it. I say should because NOTHING ever works out the way I expect.

So I enter Verizon and little did I know I traveled back in time to circa 1880. Because here, women cannot make decisions. Here women can’t think for themselves. Here women need menfolk to approve their choices.  Let me tell you how it went down.

I walk in and state that I am an existing customer and would like to get a new phone the Droid with the keyboard. Contrary to popular belief, I do not have time to memorize all the names of the phones they sell. I simply found the one I wanted and identified it. So the guy hands me off to another salesperson, who starts asking a lot of questions. Mind you, my migraine just ended so I am not up for 20 questions. I give him the info he needs then I tell him the phone I want to buy. He asks if I have tried it. I said yeah my mom and dad have it. He tells me he did not ask me about them, he wants to know if I played with it. The tone here is very condescending and demeaning. Then he says I have to try it in front of him. I do not like being put on the spot. Obviously, I don’t know how to use the phone since I don’t own it. So I was like what do you want me to do? He’s like type a text. I was like can I use the keyboard? (I prefer the keyboard for typing) He tells me there’s no point in getting that phone if I don’t use the touch screen to type. I say I don’t like using it for that. He’s being argumentative and acting like I have to prove that I have a right to buy this phone. I say okay the keyboard is just like the one on my old phone. Now can I buy the phone? He tells me No. He will not sell me a phone unless I convince him that it is the right phone to sell me. Never in my life have I had to prove that I can handle anything I wanted to buy. I mean this is just insane. So I say look, I just want to buy a phone, I have a migraine and I’m not up for this today. I walk out.

On the way home, I realize shit that was straight up discrimination. I’m a woman and I can’t make decisions. Doesn’t matter that I have an advanced degree or make enough money to buy 10 cell phones (if I wanted). Because I am female, I have no right to free will. Doesn’t matter if I am willing to pay the price, he refused to  sell me a phone because I wouldn’t prove to him that I could handle it. Like he was the gatekeeper of cell phones and I was some imbecile he didn’t want to entrust with this sacred gift.  It’s a freaking cell phone not a bomb or a gun.

Imagine going in to buy a sweater and not being allowed to buy it unless you can prove you know how to match it properly to the rest of the outfit. Or going into a  jewelry store and having to take a quiz on diamonds before you can purchase one. Frankly, it’s absurd. It’s not a financial investment, it’s a cell phone.

I called Verizon Wireless to complain, and they offered to help me buy it online. I’ve gone that route before. It always goes awry and ends up costing me hours in headaches and phone calls to get it working right. Frankly when I drop $200 on a phone it should be set up for me and I should have to do nothing. If it’s free, sure I’ll waste 1-3 hours setting everything up and troubleshooting. But for that price, you should set it up for me. So the recap: (1) no new phone and (2) I’m seriously considering switching providers cause the Verizon phone selection stinks and the customer service is straight out of the Middle Ages. Sadly, they have the best coverage.

Anyway, I came home and rescued the day by going to the gym and working on the novel. I am almost done with the edits to The Curse of the Radcliffe Rubies! Today is feeling like a better day. Let’s hope so.

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  1. berry says:

    You are a fab writer. Love your style. Funny. You make my day. Keep em coming. We all identify with that experience.

    Keep us entertained.

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