Why Math Matters

I should preface this post with a short explanation about handbags. I hate hate hate giant handbags. You know the ones that can double as an overnight bag? Perfect for transporting a turkey. Like anyone really needs that much space? I always have a smaller bag that holds the essentials. I’m a firm believer that it’s easier to find things when there is less space to search. I also love love love Vivienne Westwood bags.

Onto the story. So I am searching the Vivienne Westwood online shopfor a new handbag. I fall head over heels for the floral leather bag. I look at the price in pounds and think hmm not so bad, then I look at the conversion to dollars Price: $1,401.80. That is too big a splurge for this girl. So I keep browsing. I already have a plaid one that I love so I don’t want another one. Hmmm. Then I open up the link to the Bambi bag. It’s cute. it’s totally out there. And it’s $350. This is way more doable. So based on a quick look at the website, I am sure the bag is the same size as my other one. Of course, the measurements are there, but they are in centimeters for god’s sake. This is why math matters. Being able to do conversions is helpful in real life. Especially if you’re an international online shopper like me. If you want to buy stuff from anywhere that uses the metric system (so anywhere outside the 50 states), you have to know math. Or else you could be in for a bit of a nasty surprise.

I end up buying the bag and eagerly awaiting its arrival.  When I unpacked it, I was speechless. Here’s why….

She’s a monstrosity. And just for perspective, here is the new bag beside my old bag (AKA the size I expected it to be)

This is when I realize that math really does matter. Maybe not calculus, but basic math. If I’d taken the time to convert or even heck guesstimate the inches, I might not have bought the ginormous Bambi bag.

Weirdest part? During the crazy rainstorms of the past week, the Bambi bag has been a lifesaver. I just shove stuff in it and it’s totally rain proof. Plus the bag itself is pretty light. Way lighter than the PVC coated canvas bag.

And I am slowly getting used to having a ridiculously huge handbag that can knock small children on their butts. I consider it an added benefit.

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10 Responses to Why Math Matters

  1. Gerard says:

    Funny story! I agree that the more space one has, the more one uses, mostly with stuff that really isn’t necessary. Just ask my lovely wife, who is forever telling me there is a space for everything, and then laments the fact that I use up all that space with, well…as she sees it…junk. She has a point, but ssshhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Watch out for those kids, they might have a parent or relative who is a lawyer.

    • Space is a dangerous thing. You take it for granted and bam you have clutter (which leads to a spring cleaning frenzy). LOL. My bff is always gently encouraging me to get rid of my stuff. Luckily, it’s my apartment so I can ignore his suggestions until I’m ready to make changes. True, but luckily in this city’s crowds it’s hard to tell who did what. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    I ddon’t like math and I can’t do conversions. Metric system is beyond me. Couldn’t see the purse. Did not show up on my screen. Sounds cute and useful. Such a quirky life you lead.


  3. Sorry the pic didn’t load. If you click on the link you can see it on the Vivienne Westwood page. Math can be a pain. I guess we should have joined the rest of the world in the 70s when the metric system became universal.

  4. Lucas says:

    I have had some similar problems ordering articles of clothing (such as swimmers or dacks) from U.S.A. corporations, as many of them use “inches” and “feet” in their descriptions. Aren’t feet those body parts attached to my shins?

    • LOL. They are indeed. I don’t know why we (America) refused to adopt the metric system. I can’t figure out how tall people in foreign countries. Someone told me he was 190 centimeters. I had no idea what to do with that information. I just eyeballed it and figured he’s taller than me.

  5. berry says:

    I got to finally see purse. You are over the top with that one. Wow! But seriously my students do ask all the time why they have to take math courses. I will show them this purse and say this is why. Thanks for the perfect example.

    Big purse it is

  6. berry says:

    Oh I forgot to ask. You don’t like kids? You were one yourself you know. Hope you change your mind about kids. They can be a real joy.

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