The Spring Cleaning Frenzy

My nervous energy continues. At times, I daydream about where I can move things. Like my mason jars. Don’t ask, it’s a long story. But I have to store them somewhere until I need them. And I am absolutely certain I will need them. But aha! The cabinet space I cleared two night’s ago is perfect.

I finished cleaning the fridge Friday night. Then I moved on to a storage cabinet in the living room area.

I hit the file cabinets and boxed up files I never look at but have a perverse need to keep. I’m one of those people whose memories are triggered by physical objects. Show me a credit card bill from 2006 and I can probably tell you what most of the purchases were and throw in a funny story. Pull out one of my skirts from 1999 and I can tell you the highlights of my best moments in it. So I like to keep things. But I’ve been in this apartment awhile and the things are starting to keep me. So the tossing has begun. But other items must be transferred into my storage space. Though, it is oddly liberating to box up those old VHS tapes and say buh-bye.

Some things that were once so precious have ceased to be. Funny how time gives you perspective. Some memories don’t need to be triggered anymore. I’m okay with forgetting. It’s like tiptoeing through several other lives when I look at all these things. Lives I used to lead but no longer do. It’s kinda cool to see where I was and realize how far I’ve come. Yes, going through old bills does all this for me.

I still have the closets and the bedroom and more of my office area, but I am making progress. It will probably be a two-week adventure.  Hopefully in the end, I’ll have an awesome looking apartment and some peace of mind.

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4 Responses to The Spring Cleaning Frenzy

  1. berry says:

    Cleaning is like a cleansing of the soul.

  2. Lucas says:

    Hello from down under! I was thinking about doing a little cleaning this morning also. You see, i have a pet canary named Constance. (She was named for Constance Talmadge, my favorite silent movie star). Anywho, Constance has a knack for knocking her seed cup over and spilling grains and millet all over the floor of my sunroom. Not to mention her yellow feathers fluttering near and far. So this morning was a keen time for some sweeping. Boy did I feel superb afterwards, and my floor gleams.

    • There’s something to be said for getting your house in order. Constance sounds like a great companion, who makes her presence known. I had a friend who had a bird that would spit seeds all over the room and it was carpeted. You are very smart to keep her in the sunroom with a sweepable floor. 🙂

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