Support System

Today, I was working on sketching out notes on TSTTW and realized how lucky I am as a writer. It’s a very solitary pursuit as they say, but I have a group of friends and family who really support my writing. My best friend has read two drafts. One of which I look back on and think yeesh how did he get through that? But he did. And he gave me honest feedback as a reader. My mom has read two versions as well. And she’s the first one to raise alarm bells when something doesn’t make sense. My dad has helped edit query letters and synopses on the car rides to my hometown.

Then I have my web designer/research assistant/godsend who has designed the entire website and keeps it running. That is more than enough support, but he also read two versions and gave detailed feedback/critiques on both. Amazingly, he always manages to tell me the truth in a tactful manner. But it doesn’t stop there, he even helps me talk through scenes and develop my characters. He’s a huge part of how I keep going when I feel like I am facing insurmountable odds and losing. When my confidence is shaken he takes me in hand and reminds me that my writing is valuable and worth fighting for. There’s also my Emerson who always cuddles when I’m feeling down and is up for playing when I’m too tired to write and need a distraction.  I also have friends who inquire about my writing, listen attentively, and say kind things. It all adds up to a great support system.

Of course there are the people who don’t get it. Who offer to read the book and never do. Who think it’s a hobby and have no concept of what I put into my writing. For those people, I just have come to the conclusion that I need to keep my writing life separate. Not everyone can get everything about you.

I wonder does everyone have someone to share their writing with? Or someones? Not necessarily other writers (though that can be a definite plus), but someone whose opinion you trust and who takes the time to read your work?

Anyways, to those who support my writing: Thank you. Everyday, you make it easier to put fingers to keys and work my magic.

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4 Responses to Support System

  1. berry says:

    It is easy to help someone who is so gifted and talented. You have a special gift I hope others can enjoy it. It is refreshing and exciting. Share more with us.

    • Thanks Berry! I am always hoping that others will enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. You can read more on my website: and I will post more stuff there in the coming weeks. 🙂

  2. berry says:

    You are amazing. Beautiful inside and out.

    Give us more to read. It helps me get through the day and forget my problems. We all need a little fantasy as reality hurts like hell.

  3. *Blushing* Thanks Berry! I’ll keep blogging and I’ll add more to the website soon. Reality can be rough, that’s why I love to write. I can get lost in a scene with my characters for hours and the entire outside world melts away.

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