Stars sighted in Manhattan

This is totally not writing related.

Tonight, I took Emerson (my dog) on a walk after putting in several hours on my day job and then editing The Curse of the Radcliffe Rubies. We made our way to City Hall Park on a gorgeous spring night. I had on a hoodie and scarf and was warm. Emers was loving being outside.

As usual, we got to the park and Emers needed a break. So we are sitting on the bench talking (I do most of the talking, he’s a great listener), and I look up and I see a bright white dot in the dark blue night sky. So I’m thinking, it’s gotta be a plane. I can’t remember ever seeing starts in Manhattan. But tonight the sky was so clear. So maybe it’s a star? I keep staring and I see more stars! I make out Orion’s belt! This is insanity. And I’m like hmmm, new Manhattan experience seeing stars in the night sky. It wasn’t on my to do list but I was super excited to do it.

And one last random bit, I love love love Never Shout Never. He is just so adorable and his voice is super duper cute. 🙂 Check him out:

And they have an online store so I had to buy 2 t-shirts and a tank top. I love shopping.

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6 Responses to Stars sighted in Manhattan

  1. berry says:

    Great story. Stars can be so mesmerizing. Love your relationship with your dog. You must be a great person. Dog owners are nicer and more sincere. Love reading your journal. Keep them coming.

  2. Lucas says:

    It is amazing to come across the unexpected once in a while, and relish in it. I hope to travel to NYC someday (I currently live in Sydney Australia) and see a star in the night sky as well. Great blog. I just happened to stumble across it while searching for some character building tips and tactics with which to strengthen my skill set.

  3. Gerard says:

    Really is difficult to see the stars from Manhattan because of all the city lights, so you must have caught it at just the right time. Funny how the little things can be a surprise, but it really is the little things that add so much to life. Keep up your writing…can’t wait to read the exerpts of your books. Love the poem you posted, the one about lowercase. Like to see more.

    • The little things definitely get me through the day. 🙂 Thanks! I think I was channeling e.e. cummings when I wrote that poem. Most of my stuff is free verse but that is one of my favorites. I’ll keep updating the website with more of my writing so stay tuned!

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