Building a Website

So the past two weeks, my writing has really taken a backseat to creating my website. The sad part is I am only drafting the content and troubleshooting the browsers. My amazing web designer has been writing code, creating wallpaper and backgrounds, and doing all the heavy lifting. So big thanks to OL for that!  He is absolutely amazing and so patient when I waffle on things. Honestly, the website would not exist without him. On the upside, he explains things to me. Though I have a penchant for getting lost after the third sentence. It’s not that I tune out, I just can’t wrap my mind around it. But he does an admirable job of trying to make it understandable. 🙂

It’s funny at conferences you hear about building an online presence with blogging, having a website, facebooking, and twittering. But where is the time for writing? I personally work in a demanding full-time position. So my spare time is eaten up with writing and editing my novels, the website, and blogging. These activities I do enjoy. But facebooking and twittering are not for me. Nathan Bransford had a great blog posting a bit back about doing what you enjoy because it will show in your work. Don’t blog unless you like it was my main takeaway. I think he is completely right. With finite time, you have to allocate it wisely. That being said, I think it’s awesome to twitter and facebook and have hundreds of friends/followers. That is just not something that works for me. I guess that is the beauty of all these new forms of communication. You can find what works for you and not be stuck with one or two means of communication.

Last night, I finally had a few hours to work on The Curse of the Radcliffe Rubies. I managed to get through 10 pages of edits and cut another couple hundred words. I am now under 94,000 words. Six months ago, I’d have told you that was impossible. But the cool thing about writing and reading is you constantly learn. And what was a great paragraph 6 months ago, is a paragraph requiring intense reworking. It’s a challenge. But I love it. To build something that is mine and shape it until it looks exactly as it should. This story means so much to me and I am so glad that I am going to tell it right.

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